Awaiting The Next Life

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Its interesting . . .
As I lay in the crowded corridor, watching the nursing staff work tirelessly to make new patients feel comfortable amid a chaotic ward, I marvelled at how complex the life of hospital staff is.

Reminiscing About The Past

#History #Life #God #Surgery
I’m just waiting on the LORD at the moment!
You see, I have to wait for the Doc’s to sort out my dodgy ticker, I’m waiting to ‘go under the knife’ as they say.
Yet, before the cold steel begins to lacerate my rich mahogany skin they want to ply me with a variety of medications first, to see if they can prolong my life with tablets rather than a scalpel.
I am just glad that my life-span is in the hand of the master physician Jesus. I can relax and reminisce about the events that have spanned my life.
You can’t beat having someone who thinks the world of you, knows you better and loves you more than anyone looking after your welfare . . .(exquisite)