Cold Feet And Drawbridges

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The mornings arrived, but I’m not ready!

Its not yet daylight and my room is rather cold.


Lets talk about you for a minute, yes you!

How are you doing? . . . Seriously how are you ‘really’ doing?

I ask because, last night a friend and I began a discussion pertaining reconciliation, about letting those who caused us pain or let us down in the past, back into our lives.

As we talked a few other friends arrived and the conversation became meaty. Veins protruded from tense neck muscles, as past hurts were summoned to mind and distant injustices re-calibrated.

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I Forgive You!. . .

They Hurt You

I Forgive You. . .

They hurt you . . .I know!. . .they really hurt you!. . .

I heard the words that dribbled from their mouth last week, when they thought we couldn’t hear!.

They were harsh words, barbed words and each one delivered with such force. . .

Shocked, I watched you hide in the doorway shadows,
dying with each exhale of their mouths.

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GOD. . .

20120125-182652.jpgI’m on a bus, a rather stuffy bus, in fact I might open one of these grubby looking windows!. . .

I’m pondering. . .If someone was to ask me who is this ‘GOD’ that everyone keeps talking about, what would I say!.

You see it’s quite easy to become ‘over familiar’ with GOD, & to gently place HIM in a neat compartment within our lives, just like you would an expensive ornament!.

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