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You can’t take it with you”

A very rich man decided to prove the quote, “You can’t take it with you”, wrong.

Before he died he requested that all his gold be buried with him.

Sure enough after his death he found himself in heaven along with all his gold.

He was so excited that he had actually taken it with him that he went up to the pearly gates and exclaimed “Look at this, you can take it with you.”
Another man who had also just arrived in heaven, looked at the gold in the mans hand and asked. . .

“Why would you want to bring pavement with you?”
(Revelation 21:21)

The Fair

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The fairs in town and I’m heading for the most intense looking rides.

I feel adrenaline beginning to surface as the fumes from the cosmopolitan food venders caresses my nostrils.

Throngs of people are considering the rides, there are rides that look as if their purpose is to reveal the contents of ones stomach, whilst, others stand prepared to put life and death in the stand.

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Lobsters & Sandals. . .


I’m in one of my favourite cafés it’s a title like a greenhouse, without all the plants!, all glass sides, and it’s inhabitants are always in need of liquid refreshments.

I have just finished my white chocolate muffin and a cup of the white nectar.

The view from my window is amazing I’m watching the world go by, there are many peoples walking to and throw, caught up in there own worlds doing their own thing

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Comfortable!. . .


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I’m sat in this posh venue I can tell that it is posh because the leather seats are genuinely made of leather and the cost of my coffee tells me I must be drinking ‘gold leaf!’. . .

I’m not sure how to behave!. . .you see I’m so used to sitting on worn seats and in slightly weathered places. . .

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Nasty That!. . .

20120101-193949.jpgI have just been downing a cup of caffeine, enjoying the rich velvety texture and the nostalgic aroma, when one of the crisps I was eating found its way into a hole I have in one of my teeth!.

The pain was instant, & the reaction was acute. I grabbed my jaw, and with my tongue removed the offending crisp, smashed it against my back molars and swallowed. . .

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