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It’s been a while since we chatted and I have often wondered how you are.


The froth on my vending machine coffee is disintegrating, and the edge of my crisp is fighting to delve into the vacant void where my recently excavated tooth once lived.

Outside the rain has reduced to a gentle drizzle and the air is crisp.

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You can’t take it with you”

A very rich man decided to prove the quote, “You can’t take it with you”, wrong.

Before he died he requested that all his gold be buried with him.

Sure enough after his death he found himself in heaven along with all his gold.

He was so excited that he had actually taken it with him that he went up to the pearly gates and exclaimed “Look at this, you can take it with you.”
Another man who had also just arrived in heaven, looked at the gold in the mans hand and asked. . .

“Why would you want to bring pavement with you?”
(Revelation 21:21)

Reminiscing About The Past

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I’m just waiting on the LORD at the moment!
You see, I have to wait for the Doc’s to sort out my dodgy ticker, I’m waiting to ‘go under the knife’ as they say.
Yet, before the cold steel begins to lacerate my rich mahogany skin they want to ply me with a variety of medications first, to see if they can prolong my life with tablets rather than a scalpel.
I am just glad that my life-span is in the hand of the master physician Jesus. I can relax and reminisce about the events that have spanned my life.
You can’t beat having someone who thinks the world of you, knows you better and loves you more than anyone looking after your welfare . . .(exquisite)

The Fair

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The fairs in town and I’m heading for the most intense looking rides.

I feel adrenaline beginning to surface as the fumes from the cosmopolitan food venders caresses my nostrils.

Throngs of people are considering the rides, there are rides that look as if their purpose is to reveal the contents of ones stomach, whilst, others stand prepared to put life and death in the stand.

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The Language Of Heaven!. . .


I have just finished listening to a song!, it was a cool song, with great instrumentals and serious rifts. . .

As the closing bars of music faded , I felt my ears straining to catch the last chords

And as the melody disappeared . . .I began to replay the words in my mind. . .”The language of heaven, is the language of a child”. . .I chuckled to myself!, ‘that’s it!’. . .thats exactly it!. . . Continue reading

Watching!. . .

20120101-194512.jpgHave you ever had that feeling that there must be more to life!.

Ever had that churning in your gut!, that says am I missing something here!. . .

Reflecting on the life I have had, the highs and the lows, I can see there have been some fantastic times, with mates, in work in sport and just life in general. . .

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