Too Tired To Fight


#Fight #God #Life

Work was a real chore today.

It was as if all the joyful components had been removed, leaving me with the acute sense that this is ‘hard work’.

At first I considered the early hour to be the rationale for my uncomfortableness, yet I have functioned admirably on many occasions in this time zone.

 So, how can this be? how can one day be so unlike the previous day? how can two days be so unhinged?

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More and more . . .


#Jesus #Life #Help

I’m sat consuming another of my favourite tipples, Americano coffee with semi skimmed milk. . .frothed.

I’m on my first cup of the day and its aroma is evocative.

Todays coffee time is a welcome break from the rigmarole of life, from the hard graft that I undertake each day to make a living, its a welcome break from those who constantly drain the liquid from my flesh’s mental reservoir.

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No worries!. . .

#Peace #God #Life #Hope

I’m sat drinking a container of decaffeinated coffee, the barista didn’t leave enough room for the milk so it is rather strong.

However, its taste is not unpleasant.


Do you ever have those moments, where, when you sit down, you physically feel your entire body relax? Its as if it has been waiting for a chance to stop, to breathe, to be absolutely still?

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#Heaven #Money #life #Death

You can’t take it with you”

A very rich man decided to prove the quote, “You can’t take it with you”, wrong.

Before he died he requested that all his gold be buried with him.

Sure enough after his death he found himself in heaven along with all his gold.

He was so excited that he had actually taken it with him that he went up to the pearly gates and exclaimed “Look at this, you can take it with you.”
Another man who had also just arrived in heaven, looked at the gold in the mans hand and asked. . .

“Why would you want to bring pavement with you?”
(Revelation 21:21)

Reminiscing About The Past

#History #Life #God #Surgery
I’m just waiting on the LORD at the moment!
You see, I have to wait for the Doc’s to sort out my dodgy ticker, I’m waiting to ‘go under the knife’ as they say.
Yet, before the cold steel begins to lacerate my rich mahogany skin they want to ply me with a variety of medications first, to see if they can prolong my life with tablets rather than a scalpel.
I am just glad that my life-span is in the hand of the master physician Jesus. I can relax and reminisce about the events that have spanned my life.
You can’t beat having someone who thinks the world of you, knows you better and loves you more than anyone looking after your welfare . . .(exquisite)

The Fair

#Entertainment  #Fairground

The fairs in town and I’m heading for the most intense looking rides.

I feel adrenaline beginning to surface as the fumes from the cosmopolitan food venders caresses my nostrils.

Throngs of people are considering the rides, there are rides that look as if their purpose is to reveal the contents of ones stomach, whilst, others stand prepared to put life and death in the stand.

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