To You With Love

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It’s been a while since we chatted and I have often wondered how you are.


The froth on my vending machine coffee is disintegrating, and the edge of my crisp is fighting to delve into the vacant void where my recently excavated tooth once lived.

Outside the rain has reduced to a gentle drizzle and the air is crisp.

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‘You Are Amazing’


You Are Amazing. . .

I sit reflecting on a day of peace, on a day of consumption, and a day of adventure. . .


The day began like any other day.

With the shrill tone of the alarm clock my day was announced.

Travel and fuel fumes dotted the long jagged journey, as I raced towards my destination, a destination of friends and fellowship.

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I Forgive You!. . .

They Hurt You

I Forgive You. . .

They hurt you . . .I know!. . .they really hurt you!. . .

I heard the words that dribbled from their mouth last week, when they thought we couldn’t hear!.

They were harsh words, barbed words and each one delivered with such force. . .

Shocked, I watched you hide in the doorway shadows,
dying with each exhale of their mouths.

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Miracles and Slavery. . .


Miracles and Slavery. . .

I’m sat writing, it is still the early hours of the day. The cappuccino that I have just consumed has left a rather pungent taste on my tongue and the stillness in the room is tangible.

Walking along the pathway to my current destination I glanced at the night sky, trillions of stars studded the tapestry of heaven with various formations, I could see them, but could not distinguish them. . .it is a miracle how they stay anchored to their location, but it is not this miracle that I want to share with you.

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Mesmerising. . .


I sit reflecting on bye-gone days and I am mesmerised!. . .

You see,a few days ago a learned man, during a conversation, stated that though I may move to distant shores, the LORD has planned every step of the way!. . .

Although the statement was brief and immersed in a variety of additional topics the impact of those words reverberated around my mind for days.

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Who’s Child Are You?

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Who’s child are you?. . .

The suns almost set, and the days almost over, I’m sat outside its almost silent and the cat is patiently waiting to be fed. . .

Its quaint how the cat is fully attentive when feeding time comes around meowing as if it was starving widening it’s eyes as if some unseen hands were squeezing it’s intestine making its eyes protrude!. . .very strange!

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Lobsters & Sandals. . .


I’m in one of my favourite caf├ęs it’s a title like a greenhouse, without all the plants!, all glass sides, and it’s inhabitants are always in need of liquid refreshments.

I have just finished my white chocolate muffin and a cup of the white nectar.

The view from my window is amazing I’m watching the world go by, there are many peoples walking to and throw, caught up in there own worlds doing their own thing

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